DESPEREATE HEART SEASON 1-(New Trending Movie)Chizzy Alichi &Onny Micheal 2022 Latest Nigerian Movie

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Her name is Sharon, beautiful, sexy, fearless, can do anything for money, always ready for trouble and does not fear anybody at all. But sometimes, we have to be careful of our words and actions because later, those words and actions always leave a huge wound of regrets in our hearts. Watch Chizzy Alichi, Onny Michael and Georgina Ibe in this exceptional blockbuster movie. STARRING: Onny Michael, Chizzy Alichi, Georgina Ibe, Oluchi Chiana, Amanda Neo.
PRODUCED BY: Chibueze Ucheama
DIRECTED BY: Sam I Vincent.
COMPANY: Chez Movies Production
YEAR: 2022
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