The Vengeful Maiden – Nigerian Nollywood Movies

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This is a Nigerian Nollywood Movie. In this movie, two sisters who lived together after the death of their parents. The eldest sister was jealous of the younger because she had a beautiful and melodious voice. Because she wanted to get back at her younger sister for having the best man in the village she hired kidnappers who buried her alive so she can claim her man.. While being buried she cried to the gods to come to her rescue, the gods heard her cry, came to her rescue and the elder sister was exposed and banished from the village forever
A Nigerian Nollywood movie starring; Geraldine Obi, Ruby Ojiakor, Stephen Odemgbe AFOREVO ID – Rq8MGOP7sb
AFOREVO NAME – The Soothsayer #nollywood5star #africanmovies #nollywoodmovies

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